Put & Take fishing lakes...

In Eskelund moor it is possible to fish
for perch, pikes, carps and eel.
All kind of fishing gear is allowed but
it is strictly forbidden to use maggots.

2 lakes in a beautiful nature.
We put rainbow-, brook-, and rivertrout
into the lakes every week and they weigh
between 1 and 15 kg.
And as you see they are big and beautiful
One of the lakes is a fly/spinner lake,
therefor you are only allowed to use your
fly/spinner gear in this lake.

There are toilets, tables and
benches in the area.

You can rent a rowing boat incl.
4 safety wests.
It is also possible to rent the whole
lake for families, firms or Clubs,
but you have to do it in good time.

Opening Hours:
The lakes are open every day
from sunrise to sunset.

You can fish for:
1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 hour
Nightfishing only by appointment.

Before fishing you must
pay by the gate at the farm.